At EXENTRI Wallets, we believe in the paramount importance of superior craftsmanship and the use of top-quality materials.

Our wallets feature a functional design with clean, simple lines and are crafted from premium materials. We use high-quality cowhide leather, lined with nylon to optimize the sliding movement of cards, and solid stainless steel for enhanced stability and durability. The EXENTRI Wallet and Multiwallet also come equipped with a primary locking mechanism made from adjustable stainless steel. It’s a blend of precision and Norwegian design.

EXENTRI Wallets are available in a diverse range of colors and textures to suit your style.


Every EXENTRI Wallet is delivered in a stylish colored carton box with a nylon interior. It’s not just a wallet; it’s a gesture of appreciation, perfect for gifting to someone special or even treating yourself.


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Our EXENTRI Wallets employ RFID block technology to safeguard your credit cards against electronic pickpocketing and data theft. This technology has been rigorously tested and validated by the Euro Lab for International Transaction Technologies (Elitt).

In today’s world, many cards come equipped with a chip and an antenna for wireless communication, enabling convenient payments through NFC (Near Field Communication). However, this convenience also poses a potential risk. Cards with RFID technology can be remotely read by a device equipped with NFC technology, potentially allowing unauthorized access to your personal information. To mitigate this risk, EXENTRI Wallets are designed with RFID blocking nylon, ensuring the safety of your private data and credit cards.

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