Nature can inspire extraordinary thinking. In Norway, where nature sets its own rules, we were challenged to think innovatively and differently. The EXENTRI Wallet is the result of two individuals who embraced this challenge. They embarked on a mission to create a wallet that seamlessly blends functionality with classic style and modern demands, giving birth to the Norwegian invention, the EXENTRI Wallet.

The idea behind the EXENTRI Wallet emerged in 1999, a time when credit card usage was on the rise. Two young Norwegians recognized the need for a modern wallet tailored to this new form of payment. Their mission was to craft a compact, practical, and ingenious wallet that combines the best features of classic style with contemporary needs: multiple card storage, a compartment for notes and receipts, and, most importantly, instant access. After numerous rounds of testing, they developed a unique system, keeping the wallet slim, stylish, and highly functional.

Over the years, their passion has remained unwavering, and the EXENTRI brand represents innovation and quality products with unique features that simplify and enhance your daily life. We take pride in being a Norwegian brand with an international team spread across the world.


The EXENTRI Wallet, a Norwegian invention of high quality, is designed for quick and efficient transactions. It provides instant access to your two most frequently used cards without the need to open the wallet. With seven card pockets and a separate pocket for notes and receipts, credit cards are protected separately with their own pocket openings for easy access. It’s a classic yet innovative product, suitable for personal use or as a gift.

The product is both exclusive and traditional, crafted from genuine leather with all the functionality of most wallets, but in a slim design. Newer models also feature a small coin purse and RFID protection. With designated places for credit cards, bills, coins, and receipts, the EXENTRI™ Wallet is recognized with worldwide design registration, and over 2,000,000 units have been sold.


From the outset, our primary focus has been on retail organizations, as they have direct access to customers. We chose this market because our wallets are unique and are best presented by organizations with trained personnel who can effectively showcase the product to potential buyers. Holding our wallet in your hand is the best way to appreciate its advantages. Our wallets are not mass-produced; they are inspirational and make a statement about the owner. We offer personal sales support, as well as visual materials and videos, to support retailers’ needs. We are also actively engaged in trade fairs across Europe, where retailers can experience our products firsthand and provide valuable market input.