Exentri, a Norwegian company founded in 1996, is a pioneer in the pursuit of creating exceptional products with distinct features. Rooted in the scenic heart of Oslo, Norway, our main office serves as the epicenter of innovation and quality.

With a global presence, Exentri collaborates with distributors and partners across the world, reaching customers in over 45 countries. To date, we’ve proudly delivered more than millions of wallets, each embodying the essence of quality, functionality, and style.

In the bustling landscapes of Hong Kong and Asia, we’ve entrusted the exclusive distributorship and license to Doc-Soma Limited. As part of our commitment to impeccable service, we maintain our very own warehouse and logistics center in Hong Kong, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery to this dynamic region.

At Exentri, our foundation is built upon a dedication to crafting distinctive products and exceeding customer expectations. We look forward to sharing our vision of exceptional quality and innovation with you.

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