• 直ぐにカードがアクセスこと
  • 5つ~10つのカードが持つ
  • お札やレシートのため別のセクション
  • 硬貨のためポケット
  • チケットのためスマートスロット
  • サイズで小さいでも特徴がいっぱい
  • 上質な革
  • 硬いステンレス施錠
  • RFID ブロック
商品コード: EXM501



EXENTRI Multiwallet is a modern wallet that combines small size and easy access with great storage space for your cards, bills, receipts, tickets, coins and other small objects. The wallet is made with high quality leather and has a main locking device in adjustable stainless steel. Contains a RFID block nylon to ensure that your private information and credit cards are safe. Delivered in an elegant box.



  • Interior Details: 3 credit card slots, 1 compartment for bills and receipts and 1 slot for tickets
  • Material: Quality leather with nylon inside the pockets. RFID block in two of the inner pockets


  • Exterior Details: 1 slide pocket for instant card access, 2 credit card slots, 1 pocket for coins and other small objects, RFID block in front card pocket and stainless steel lock
  • Material: Quality leather with RFID block nylon in front card pocket


  • Measurements: Approx. 90x70x15 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 70 gr


  • Delivered in an elegant gift box
  • Registered product design